“Create, meditate, appreciate; naturally.” What this means is that we so often need to be reminded that we are able to create our own path in life no matter what it is given to us and no matter if it was gently tossed or whipped at the back of our heads without warning. Meditate on your thoughts and actions and you are much more likely to be able to focus on the things that matter in this seemingly overstimulated World. Never forget to appreciate the things that you have been given, even if some days they don’t feel like any sort of positive vibe or blessing just remember that if you’re reading this for any reason you are already in much much better shape than many in the Universe. Most importantly remember nature in everything you do. We get two homes for sure in this lifetime; our body and our World. We need to take care of each for each to take care of us.

The Citrus Cocoon is currently a space on the web for others to come and receive guidance or just a story.  It is built on a foundation of love and learning. A place for spinning minds to sit back and remember that they are not alone. It came to be when enough people told us to make it happen. We don’t want everyone to think that is what you need -enough people to tell you that you can do something.- That is not what you need!

What you need is to believe that you can do it. You are the only one who can change your mind. You can read, listen, watch, learn from anyone but ultimately it is not until you decide to do something that you are going to change. It took us a fairly long time to realize that but still a lot quicker than many people seem to admit.

The first thing that we need you to know is that this is not just about meditation but it is strongly the foundation of what the entire vision was built on. It is so important and necessary to be brave enough to look into your own thoughts and try and improve naturally. It’s also one of the scariest things that you can do, so it is always helpful to have a support system.
That being said it is important to really stress how important it is to remember that not everyone who “meditates” follows the same typical path. There are endless forms of meditation and part of my vision is to see that people find the freedom to learn their way!

You are you…I am me. If you’d like to learn a little bit about the latter in hopes to assist you with yourself then, by all means, feel free to waste some of your free(ish) time reading these words that I have decided to string together.
Welcome; You are always welcome!

Accurate description
Noone is for everyone.

About ACTUAL me… the one typing this. Well, I’m Nic; I am just like you in that I am too busy to take the time to finish this right now… but I will get back to it when I can…

Maybe I could even add a little bit here and there and it will be such a long story by the end of it you’ll regret you wanted to know anything about me or any of the business I am creating; Here goes! 

Up there in that photo or maybe upside down if you’re reading this hanging from something or doing a headstand… I shouldn’t assume things. Shame on me… anyways that’s me in that photo.
[If you can’t see it it’s me attempting to sit in full padmasana but I only had my Batman clothes for yoga because I forgot to do laundry and I probably got distracted on account of feeling so much like a superhero for that particular moment that I had to take a photo.] I didn’t want to forget to include anyone… so this could get long. I think it’s accidentally going to get long anyways so how about I just apologize in advance if I accidentally leave someone who is reading this out.

I am sorry if you feel left out at ANY time during this experience. It is not my intention; it is, in fact, the complete opposite of my intention and I would sincerely love to hear your thoughts via email. 

Let’s see where do I even start. Let’s start with: Why that photo?
Well, I think it depicts me the most for more reasons than I have time to explain.  To me, this photo says so much more and it would be absolutely impossible to know that from looking at the photo. Here are a few things…
The blonde that is fading out of my dead ends is from when my best friend decided to die my hair green after bleaching the absolute shit out of it. I let her, I just like the way that sounds and it’s completely accurate. Since then though I have gone completely natural when it comes to my hair color and that can be scary when those little greys start to pop out but I think it’s important to be who you are as natural as you can.
The Fitbit I am wearing actually introduced me to a lot of new friends in Toronto. On more than one occasion I was thanked for being so competitive because it’s the only thing that got people up and motivated.
The tattoo you can almost see on my arm is still pretty fresh in that photo; I got it that same year which was the year my cousin and I spontaneously decided to move into a condo together in downtown Toronto even though we hadn’t hung out in like 8 years.
The necklace I am wearing was a souvenir I purchased in Rishikesh India and I have since regifted the silver chain which I learned isn’t always a bad thing and certainly not always a cheap thing.
I am not smiling because I don’t know how to make it look natural so I just make a strange face in most pictures instead, actually not even just pictures I am pretty much always making a strange face of some sort but I am incredibly aware of that.
Generally, I like being on the other side of the camera. Not because I dislike photos of myself as many of us tend to do but more so because I like the way I take pictures better than the way most people do…sorry friends, and family! Get better at stuff. Kidding, mostly. It’s largely because I tend to be alone quite a bit or with a toddler so it’s just tough to be spontaneous, you know? When you only have two arms and a toddler assistant, you know!? Disclaimer he wants to help me, I’m never making him help me. Is that what disclaimer even means? Or was that right there a disclaimer?
Off track; either way, I don’t think there is anything wrong with preferring the way you personally do something and that’s a huge lesson in itself. I have had a lot of practice and some great lessons from incredible photographers, and yes. That is a humblebrag!
Segway; I worked in the television industry for about six years and still dabble in the art department here and there. I enjoy it but it drains me. Even in the reality tv world, there are secrets that have to be kept such as when filming is done before airing and (though I am incredibly good at keeping secrets) I don’t like the feeling of knowing something that some people literally put bets on. Furthermore, I simply don’t enjoy watching television and part of me thinks it’s a waste of time so often I think it’s hypocritical to want to make it. Just an opinion and it’s not even the opinion I always have. Chill. Sorry for telling you to chill.
Since working in television allowed me to have blocks of time off I have utilized that time to travel and educate myself because if you can believe it or not there is more to the World than what is on television. Oh, the vicious cycle of what it’s taught me. I ventured off to do my own thing and that has resulted in learning quite a bit, maybe too much and now it’s taking up a lot of brain space and I am looking for a way to get it all out as honestly as I can. For me, that comes in the form of writing, teaching, and sharing.

It is important to note that everyone is still capable of learning even if (especially if) they are under the impression that they know it all.
I will never stop learning and I will never stop sharing for those who want to listen.

For starters (haha “starters” is completely inaccurate now since I have added more content but I think that’s funny so I am keeping it there.) Anyways for starters, here’s the blog I suppose even though this about me section basically was one…anyway, certainly don’t feel obligated to read it.

I don’t recommend entering the inside of my brain unless you’re looking for some sort of purpose. I am sure you have learned that by now if you have finished reading this unnecessarily long “about me” section”