Getting over it: Balance.

I am trying to get over my fear of promoting my intention for a business plan online. Clearly, I have begun; if you’re reading this it is because I have decided to put it on the website that I purchased, with the business name that I purchased. Commitment! Scary.

My internal dialog has been going crazy for the past few years (yes years) as to whether sharing stories, lessons, knowledge, gifts or whatever you want to call it/them online is helpful or pretentious…especially since some of how this has all come to be (or is coming to be) is also about how much being online has destroyed some of us…myself included in some ways.
Is that hypocritical or not?!
Sharing on a platform that you think is directly adding to the stress that you’re trying to take away at this time or with this lifestyle…vicious thought cycle… anyways; I have come to a point where I am ready to share with anyone who is ready to listen.

What I have learned is it is all about BALANCE. There is a time for everything. There are so many different stories, quotes, metaphors, etc. about the importance of balance so I never feel like it is important to write about but clearly, some of us still aren’t getting it so let’s talk about balance. Kind-of.

Only my close friends and I know of my strange… let’s say addiction to what I like to call “secret social experiments.” Disclaimer: I do not ever impede on people’s privacy and I would never. It’s more of just a matter of having little internal assumptions of what people will choose and why, or asking a certain question to see the direction someone takes the answer to.
Okay, It’s actually pretty messed up when I write it out and I promise it’s not always happening but here is what part of my social experiment has come to realize these past few years.

People LOVE talking about themselves.
It’s certainly not the case with everyone and you should never assume that it is; you’ll know very well if someone is not interested in communicating and should always respect that.
That being said it’s a good thing! Talking about the subject you know the best is the absolute easiest way to be comfortable. Why is that subject yourself? Because there is nothing you know better than yourself, and no one knows you better than yourself so really there’s nothing you can share (unless you’re a liar, which is a whole other article) that will make people feel the need to jump in or interrupt and tell you that you’re lying or that you regurgitated a fact wrong. (Mind you many people still will and I encourage you to try not to take offense to it and just be open to listening instead of adding to potential tension. If you like arguing then that’s your choice too! Just be as open to listening as you are to speaking.)
Be sure to balance talking with listening.
It works well if you ever have an awkward pause in a conversation and don’t feel like talking. Simply ask the person about what they like or if they’ve been a certain place, it’s more personal and interesting than talking about the weather, latest political news, or what happened on that show last night.
In most cases I have come to realize that no one actually cares what is going on with many of the everyday issues they see on television or news articles because there is simply nothing we can do about them at that precise second other than memorize the information and spew it out to someone else whenever you can’t think of something to say. Is it going to rain? Pack an umbrella, not a social vent that people might not necessarily be open to the second that they meet you. This is a small example obviously but those are the things that often create a negative vibe and remind us of how much is going on in the world; none of which we need to be thinking when we’re just trying to live for the day or strike a conversation with a stranger!
Why not be happy when we have the chance to be? Speak about what we love or who we love or what will make us happy.
This is what helps us positively make it through each day.

I got off topic, but I think I balanced it with a lesson of some sort…somewhere in there. Something tells me that’s enough for today.

Speak & Listen; Balance.

Thought of the day; If something doesn’t feel right maybe it isn’t. Maybe it can be tweaked instead of thrown away completely.
Change your outlook and reassess.

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