The Citrus Cocoon: What’s In a name?

“The Citrus Cocoon”  What’s In a name?

Why “The Citrus Cocoon”? Let’s start there…
I will skip the part where I have already over-thought every direction in which this post could go and I have decided I will do what I do best which is accidentally share too much information and lose my point of the whole entry.
I will try to stay on focus but the glory of being part of this environment that we’re attempting to create is that you don’t have to stay focused.
There will be a time for that.
If it isn’t right now that’s just fine.

The citrus part is pretty literal. I am obsessed with the benefits of citrus and it helps that we’re based out of a small town by the name of Orangeville appropriately named after the founder Orange Lawrence. Maybe one day I will dive deeper into that but I don’t want to bore you on our first impression.
A favourite quote around here has always been “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly” and what I see it as is a reminder that often times when it seems like something is ending it’s simply the beginning of something else. Sometimes it can be an incredible, positive and happy outcome type thing and sometimes a sad, nerve-wracking or scary thing. The way one person perceives something is not always the way that everyone will and that is simply fine, actually, it’s preferable.
How boring of a world would we live in if we all saw everything the exact same way?
You might still be confused if you’ve been following at all and on the inside some of you are wanting to scream at me “Wait, butterflies don’t even come from a cocoon, everyone knows that a butterfly caterpillar forms a chrysalis and it is, in fact, the lesser popular and often feared “moth” caterpillar that forms the cocoon.”
Correct; but get rid of that attitude. It won’t serve you here.
Also, I definitely didn’t know that and I am still learning more and more every single day. The reason I chose cocoon over chrysalis is that so many people often choose butterflies over moths not knowing the beauty and importance of each specific creature. I urge you to look up the “Madagascar sunset moth.”

Back on track…no amount of time or research can really prove whether the caterpillars know what is happening during these processes. Maybe they are ready for it and maybe they have no idea what is happening to them but either way; change is happening. Change that is necessary in order for them to complete their life cycle! I am sure we all know what would happen if we chose to disrupt that cocoon or chrysalis to try and help the caterpillar. It’s best to leave them alone, untouched and beautiful. Let me repeat -change, and giving that change the time it needs- is vital for their life cycle…

The Citrus Cocoon is about diving into the unknown, the inside of your head. It is about taking the time to literally just hang out with your thoughts and observations. It is certainly not a place to show off or let your ego take control. Take everything you know, stir it up real nice and then metaphorically dump it out. Leave it at the door, it’s not going to go anywhere and on your way out you’ll have more power and the ability to choose which parts you want to pick back up and carry with you.

Welcome to The Citrus Cocoon